IELTS sample letter: informal letter between friends

During a recent visit to your home, your friend forgot something at your place. Write a letter to your friend explaining the situation. In your letter you have to mention:

What your friend forgot

Where the item is now

A proposed arrangement to return the item

Sample response

Dear Gautam

Thanks a lot for a great weekend. We really enjoyed your company. It brought back a lot of fond memories of our college days when we would spend alternate weekends at each other’s place.

There is yet another reason for writing this letter. I don’t know if you have already noticed it, but you have left a few books behind. They are still sitting on the coffee table where you left them.

I know you are an avid reader and carry your books wherever you go. I was wondering if you would need them urgently. In that case, we will have to arrange a time to meet. You can visit our place any time. Although I will be in the office, you will be able to collect the books from my wife. Now in case you are busy, we can send them to your place. Let me know which arrangement suits you better.

See you soon, I hope. Thanks again.

Kind regards


Manjusha Nambiar

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