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The following question was asked on an IELTS writing test held in Saudi Arabia in March 2012. This question is taken from

Write a thank you letter to the public transport authority about the manager who helped you to find something you lost and say

– What did you lose?
– Why was it so important to you?
– How did the manager help you find it?

Model answer

Dear Sir / Madam
I would like to thank your manager at the Thane office for helping me find my bag and other valuable things which I lost on a bus journey last Friday. I had boarded a Mumbai – Thane public bus on that day carrying a lot of luggage. I also had to take care of my young children who were traveling with me.

It was only after getting off at Thane that I discovered that one of my bags which contained some money and precious gold ornaments was missing. I immediately contacted your Thane office and was absolutely impressed by the responsiveness with which your managed handled the situation. He patiently listened to my complaint and assured me that I would get my bag and other things back.

To tell you the truth, although he sounded hopeful, I was not exactly confident of getting my bag back. But much to my surprise, the next morning I got a call from your manager. He told me that they had recovered my bag and other valuables. He even sent it to my residential address.

I must tell you that honest and diligent managers like him are an asset to your organization and must be rewarded appropriately.

Thanks again



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