IELTS sample essay: Should governments support professional sporting events?

Some people argue that governments should stop supporting the professional sporting events and cultural programs, and instead support schools from where students can take up sports and arts. What is your opinion?

Sample essay

In most countries professional sporting events and cultural programs enjoy the patronage of governments and that is hardly surprising. Major shows like the Olympics or the Soccer World Cup cannot be held without the support of the government because of the huge amounts of money required for building the necessary infrastructure and other facilities for these events. Some people argue that the government should not play a role in organizing these events. However, it is hard to support this argument.

It is true that the governments spend enormous amounts of money on these events. Interestingly, this spending is justified because these events not only entertain people they also generate huge income. What’s more, these events are an opportunity to showcase a country and its talents before the world. If a country manages to properly organize a global sporting event or cultural program it can significantly improve its image before the world.

Take for instance, the London Olympics 2012. By organizing the event in an immaculate manner, Great Britain significantly improved its image. For the British, it was an opportunity to showcase London and what they were capable of doing. And they didn’t miss it. A poorly organized event, on the other hand, can tarnish the country’s image. What’s more, sports and arts are excellent platforms to bring people together. They facilitate global harmony.

Of course, there is some truth in the argument that governments should support schools so that children can polish their sports and arts skills from an early age. In fact, most governments in the world already do this. However, the argument that governments should withdraw their support for professional sporting and cultural events and instead support only schools is hard to justify.

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