IELTS sample essay: A lot of older people suffer from loneliness these days

A lot of older people are suffering from loneliness these days.  They also lack physical fitness.  What do you think are the reasons for these problems?  Can you think of possible solutions?  Use personal examples if applicable.

This question was asked on an IELTS writing test held in Norway in April 2012. It is taken from

Model Answer

Loneliness is a major problem that plagues older people all over the world. People in their seventies and eighties have always had their share of problems. But the kind of loneliness and associated problems that they experience today are much worse than what older people had to endure twenty or thirty years ago. What are the reasons for these problems? How can these problems be solved? Let’s examine.

Loneliness is not a new phenomenon. People of all ages and nationalities face it from time to time. While loneliness can affect all people, the older people are the worst hit by this problem. Part of this problem can be attributed to the rise of nuclear families. Families all over the world are becoming smaller and smaller. While youngsters who spend a considerable part of their away from home have plenty of opportunities to socialize, their older parents and grandparents have few outing options which severely limit their chances of interacting with other people.  Old age is also a period of physical inactivity. Few older people even bother to step out of their home.

To overcome loneliness older people must keep themselves engaged in meaningful activities. They can go a walk in the morning or in the evening. It will give them physical exercise. It will also give them an opportunity to meet and interact with other people. They can join clubs or they can pursue other interests. By keeping themselves constantly engaged in something or the other they can overcome loneliness. What is more, when they are physically fit they will feel better about themselves and that will add a whole new layer of meaning to life.

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