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The map below is of the town of Garlsdon. A new supermarket (S) is planned for the town. The map shows two possible sites for the supermarket.
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.



Sample response

The given map shows information regarding two proposed sites for the construction of a supermarket in the town of Garlsdon. Garlsdon has a population of 65000 people. More than half of them live in the northern part. The first site (S1) proposed for the supermarket is in the outer areas of the town. It lies halfway between the railway going through Garlsdon and the main road going to Hindon, a small town with a population of 10,000 people. If the supermarket comes up at S1, it will mainly benefit people living in the northern part of the town. People living in Hindon may also visit the supermarket because of its proximity to the main road connecting Hindon and Garlsdon.

The second site (S2) proposed for the supermarket is in the town center which is a no traffic zone. It will be close to the housing areas in the southern part of Garlsdon. While this site does not have any main roads close to it, it is extremely close to the railway that passes through the city center. The towns of Bransdon and Cransdon with a total population of 44,000 people are also somewhat close to site S2. Another advantage of this site is that it is not far from the housing areas of the North.

After analysing the pros and cons of both sites, it is not hard to see that S2 is a better choice because it will benefit all the people of Garlsdon.

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