IELTS Report Sample | Making Sugar From Sugarcane

Sample report

The pictures illustrate the various processes involved in the production of sugar from sugarcane. There are mainly 7 stages in the production of sugar. It starts with the cultivation of sugarcane. Farmers grow sugarcane in their fields and in about 12 – 18 months it is ready for harvesting. The harvesting is done either manually or using a machine. The harvested canes are then crushed using a crushing machine and their juice is extracted. This juice is then purified using a limestone filter. The purified juice is then converted into syrup by heating it on an evaporator. The sugar syrup has to undergo another process before sugar can be produced. This process involves centrifugation. The syrup is centrifuged to separate the sugar crystals. The sugar crystals thus separated are then dried and cooled. Once they are cooled, we get sugar that is ready for consumption.

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