IELTS report about population in four countries


Sample report

The given table shows the actual and projected population of Argentina, Indonesia, Italy and Republic of Korea for the years 2003, 2025 and 2050.

Argentina had a population 34 million in 2003. That figure is expected to increase dramatically over the next few decades and may reach 48 million in 2025 and 62 million in 2050.

Indonesia is the most populous of the four nations. It had a population of 238 million people in 2003. That figure may reach 274 million in 2025 and 312 million in 2050.

Italy had a higher population (54 million) than Argentina (34 million) and Republic of Korea (48 million) in 2003. However, Italy’s population is expected to reduce over the next few decades and may drop to 47 million in 2025 and 45 million in 2050.

Republic of Korea had a population of 48 million in 2003. That figure is expected to increase only marginally over the next decades and may reach 52 million in 2025. Thereafter it is likely to remain stagnant.

To conclude, while the populations of Argentina and Indonesia may increase over the next few decades, Italy’s population may shrink.  Korea is likely to have only a small increase in population over the same period.


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