IELTS Report About Global Sales Of Digital Games | Band 8 Academic IELTS Task 1 Report

The chart below shows the global sales of different kinds of digital games from 2000 to 2006. Write a report.

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Band 8 Academic IELTS report

The bar graph illustrates the worldwide sales of four varieties of digital games (mobile phone games, online games, console games and, handheld games) between 2000 and 2006.

Overall, it can be clearly seen that handheld games were the most sold-out games and they became increasingly more popular over the years. Similarly, the sales of online games and mobile phone games increased whilst the sale of console games declined during the six year period. In 2000, handheld games and console games were sold for approximately 12 billion USD and 6 billion USD respectively. Handheld games continued to increase in sales and reached peak sales of around 17 billion USD in 2006. By contrast, the sales of console games decreased steadily and plummeted to around 3 USD in 2006. Online games started becoming available in 2001 and their sales increased steadily over the years. Mobile games hit the market in the following year and saw an increase in sales in the next four years. Whereas in 2001 online games worth a little over 1 billion USD were sold, their sales hit 8.5 billion USD in 2006. On the other hand, the sales of mobile phone games rose from 2 billion USD in 2002 to over 7 billion USD in 2006.

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