IELTS report about glass production and recycling


Sample report

The flow chart shows the various steps involved in the production of glass containers like bottles. It also explains how used glass bottles are recycled.

The diagram clearly shows that three steps are involved in the production of glass. The recycling process involves five steps. It starts with the collection of old bottles and ends in the moulding of new bottles. The first step in the production of glass is the mixing of raw materials such as sand, soda ash, lime stone and other chemicals. This mixture is then melted in a glass furnace at 1500 degree Celsius.

This molten material is then blown to produce glass containers of different sizes and shapes. The recycling process starts with the collection of old glass bottles. They are then sorted by their colour and washed so that impurities are removed. These bottles are then crushed and melted. The molten material is then moulded to different shapes.

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