IELTS Reading

The IELTS reading test takes about an hour. Your task is to read passages and answer questions based on what you have read. Note that the passages given for reading are different for Academic and General Training.

The reading test has three sections in the order of increasing difficulty.

You have to write your answers in the Answer sheet. Note that unlike in the listening section, you will not get extra time to transfer your answers to the Answer Sheet. You have to read the passages, find the answers and then mark them during the allotted 60 minutes.

The reading modules for the academic and general training versions of IELTS are different.

Academic IELTS Reading

You will have to read three passages and answer 40 questions. The passages will be of general interest. They are usually taken from newspapers, magazines, journals and books. You don’t require any special subject expertise to do well in the reading test.

General Training IELTS Reading

Test takers will have to read three passages and answer 40 questions based on them. The General Reading passages are usually taken from notices, timetables, documents, instruction manuals, newspapers etc.

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