IELTS Listening module overview

You will be listening to four recorded sections/conversations in the Listening module. Each section contains 10 questions. The Listening module takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Keep in mind that the recording will be played only once. So, your success depends on knowing what information to listen for.

You don’t need any specialist knowledge, but you should be able to deal with a variety of topics. You should also be familiar with various accents. Sometimes the recordings may also feature non-native English accents like Spanish or German.

The Listening module tests your ability to:

  • Listen for specific information
  • Listen for main ideas and supporting ideas
  • Understand the speaker’s opinion

The sections of the Listening module

We have already seen that the Listening module has four sections. Each section may have up to 3 types of questions.

Before each section begins, you will hear a short introduction of the speaker or speakers and the situation. Remember that you cannot read this introduction on the question paper. After the introduction, you are given time to read the questions. There is a break in the middle of sections 1, 2 and 3.

Question always follow the order in which the information is presented in the recording. After each section, you will receive 30 seconds to check your answers.

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