IELTS Letter: Write a letter to your friend expressing your inability to meet on a particular date

Your friend was supposed to visit you soon, but due to some personal problems you can’t meet him / her on the specified date. Write a letter to him or her explaining the situation. In your letter, you have to:

– Apologise to your friend.
– Explain why it’s not possible to meet now.
– Suggest an alternative date for the meeting.

Model letter

Dear John

I’m writing to express my inability to meet you on the fourteenth of April due to some personal problems. As you know my mother has not been keeping good health for a while. Yesterday, she complained of severe pain in the stomach and was hospitalized. She has been diabetic for a while, and now she has also developed some kidney trouble. Her condition isn’t particularly serious but she’ll have to be in hospital for a few days.

As she needs someone by her bedside all the time, I’ll have to stay in the hospital until she gets discharged next week. I really regret my inability to meet you but unfortunately I can’t do anything about it. Please accept my apologies. I hope you understand my situation.

I know it has been a while since we’ve met and I was eagerly looking forward to this occasion. Would you mind if I suggest another date? If you haven’t got any other commitments, we can meet sometime next week. I’ll be free then. Now if that isn’t fine with you, feel free to suggest another date and time.

Waiting to hear from you.

Thanks and regards


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