IELTS Letter Sample | A Letter to Your Manager

You have been to a business meeting at another company and saw a piece of equipment which can be useful for your company too. Write a letter to your manager about the following:

  • Describe the piece of equipment you have seen
  • Why having the same equipment would be useful for your company
  • Offer your assistance in buying the equipment

Sample letter

Hi Albert,

As you already know, I attended a business meeting at the KCGM Company last week. The reason that I am writing this letter today is to tell you about a piece of equipment they use there. It is a 3D camera manufactured by ‘Motion Metrics’. If I remember correctly, they are a Canada based company. I am sure that this camera will benefit our business as well.

As you know we have some issues with measuring fragmented rock size after blasting and as a result it is extremely hard for us to optimise our drill/blast cost. The camera has two lenses and its size is approximately 25x20x10cm. Its model number is MT012. It is a bit bulky, but, I believe, it is still handy. Please review the product details attached to this letter.

I have already spoken to the manufacturer and they are ready to give us discounted prices. I am willing to visit their office and finalise our purchase order if you are interested in it.

Thank you for your time.

I look forward to hearing from you

Yours Sincerely


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