IELTS letter: Complaint letter sample

You recently ordered a book online, but the book hasn’t reached your hands yet. Write a letter to the manager of the company.

Give details of your order.

Explain why you need the book urgently.

Suggest a solution to the problem.

Sample response


Dear Sir or Madam

Three weeks ago I ordered XXX book through your online retail store. You sent an email acknowledging my order. The email also said that the book would be shipped the next day and that it would reach my hands within ten days. Now more than 20 days have elapsed since I placed the order, but the book hasn’t arrived yet. I tried contacting your customer care executive, but she couldn’t give a satisfactory reply. Of course, she promised to ‘look into the matter’, but I haven’t heard anything since then. When I login to my account I can see that the book has indeed been shipped. Then, what could cause this inordinate delay?

I need this book for my IELTS examination. I am taking the test next month, so I can’t wait any longer. I request you to immediately contact the company that handles the delivery of your shipments and ask them to deliver my order within the next days. Now in case, you are unable to do that, I would like to receive a refund.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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