IELTS Essay Writing Tips

Unity of thought
An essay is a piece of written composition dealing with a single theme. Before you start writing the essay you must have the subject clearly defined in your mind. Nothing that is not relevant to the subject should be mentioned in the essay. At the same time you can treat the subject in a variety of ways and from different points of view.

An essay should follow an ordered line of thought. If ideas are not presented in a logical order, it will not make much sense. Before you start writing, make an outline showing the order in which each sub-topic is going to be developed.

Your essay should be neither too short nor too long. There is no strict rule regarding the size of an essay – it usually depends up on the nature of the subject. Express your ideas clearly and concisely. Don’t add unnecessary words with the objective of making the essay long.

The essay must be written in a dignified and literary style. Avoid using slang or colloquial expressions in your essay. At the same time, don’t commit the mistake of writing the essay in a style that is nearly impossible to follow. Instead, use simple and direct language and sentence patterns.

The personal touch
An essay should reveal the personal opinions and feelings of the writer. It should have the writer’s individuality in it. If this personal touch is lost, the essay will be colorless and devoid of individuality. Therefore do not be afraid to express your views and opinions in the essay.

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