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In many cities the population is increasing. Some say that the urbanization process denies us knowing our neighbours, and this causes a loss of community sense. What is the main problem with this? What measures can be taken to overcome it?

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Urbanisation has both positive and negative aspects. People living in urban areas have better access to amenities and lead more comfortable lives. Unfortunately, urbanisation also creates a sense of alienation in people. Actually, many of them don’t even know who their neighbours are. This makes each urban resident a small island.

Jobs are mainly concentrated in urban areas. That is the reason people migrate to cities. Cities have more people living in small spaces. This actually brings them closer physically. You are always in the midst of a crowd. Still, cities fail to connect people. People rarely interact even with their neighbours unless they are compelled to do. Unfortunately this makes them feel lonely and insecure.

There are several reasons behind this. To start with, in a typical metropolitan city people from all over the country and sometimes from different parts of the world live. You don’t know who they are. You don’t know anything about their background. You don’t know whether they are good or bad. As a result, you keep them at arm’s length. You only interact with people you know. For example, in a city like Mumbai, you have neighbours from all over India. They speak very different languages. The difference in language acts as a barrier here preventing people from interacting with one another.

One way of overcoming this problem is to discourage the migration to cities by creating more jobs in small towns. Decentralisation helps the national economy in several different ways. And those who live in cities should start showing an active interest in their neighbours. Housing complexes need to organize programs that give their residents an opportunity to get to know one another.

To conclude, fear of strangers is the main reason that prevents urban dwellers from building relationships with their neighbours. This inability certainly makes them lonely. The only way to get around this problem is to start trusting people and showing an interest in them. Creating more jobs in villages and small cities will also help by preventing the exodus of people into cities.

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