IELTS essay topics

Topic 1

Road accidents are on the rise. Some people believe that there will be fewer accidents if all people complete a course in safe driving before they get their driving license. Do you agree or disagree?

Topic 2

Some people believe that couples should be allowed to determine the size of their family. However, in many countries, the governments interfere in matters of family planning. Do you agree or disagree with us?

Topic 3

The disabled are not always treated fairly. What measures can be taken to assist disabled people?

Topic 4

Some people believe that criminals should be punished with lengthy jail terms. Others are of the opinion that they must be re-educated and rehabilitated through community service programs. Do you agree or disagree?

Topic 5

What are the advantages and disadvantages of giving financial aid to poor countries?

Topic 6

Do you think that governments should reserve jobs for women?

Topic 7

Some nations spend billions of dollars on space research. Do you think that this is justified?

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