IELTS essay: Some people believe that animals should not be used for profit. Do you agree or disagree

People use animals for profit in many ways. Some people believe that this use of animals must be discouraged. Discuss both views and express your own opinion.

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We, human beings, may be just another species inhabiting planet earth, but thanks to our superior intelligence we have managed to dominate every other life form. We use them for profit in many ways. Trees are cut down for fuel and for making furniture. Animals are killed for their meat and skin. Animals like rats and pigs are also used in medical trials.

Some people believe that using animals with the sole objective of making profits is not fair. Personally I agree with this view. However, there are certain situations where this use of animals must be allowed.

For many people, animal products like milk, meat and eggs are an integral part of their diet. Since human beings can subsist on a purely vegetarian diet, this killing of animals for food is a questionable practice. If meat and poultry are banned from the dining tables, numerous animals will be saved. On the flip side, vegetarianism is essentially a way of life. It is not something that can be forced.

Although some people are also against using animals in drug tests, this is not something that can be avoided. Medical trials conducted in rats and pigs have helped save millions of lives. Of course, numerous animals have lost their lives in the process. Still a human life is more precious than an animal life and that justifies the use of animals in medical trials.

Raising and killing animals and birds for their fur, silk, skin and feathers must be banned. Animals like crocodiles and tigers now face the threat of extinction because they are killed for their skin. Peacocks are also becoming an endangered species. Governments all over the world must enact stringent laws to prevent the exploitation of animals in this manner.

In conclusion, using animals for our profit should be encouraged only in exceptional cases. Animals also have a rightful place on this planet and it is our duty to protect them.

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