IELTS essay: Should computers be banned from the classroom?

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School children are becoming far too dependent on computers. This has a negative effect on their reading and writing skills. Teachers need to avoid using computers in the classroom at all costs and go back to old methods of teaching. Do you agree or disagree?

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Computers and the internet aid the process of learning. They may have their drawbacks, but these technologies make learning easier. For example, with the help of the internet, children can find information on any topic. Having an internet connection is a bit like having access to all the books in the world. Students can also interact with their classmates and teachers over the internet.

There are several drawbacks too. In the past, students had to read a lot of books to find the information they needed to complete their assignments. Reading enhanced their knowledge and improved their perspective. Now they only have to use a search engine and type in their queries to find the exact information they need. While this makes researching easier, it also limits the amount of knowledge that students can acquire.

In my opinion, writing skills are the worst hit by the excessive use of computers. Most word processors have spelling and grammar checkers. They eliminate the need to learn spelling. In fact, most of our students can’t write even a simple letter without the help of computers because they don’t know the spelling of words. Typing also affects handwriting skills. Most youngsters have poor handwriting skills because they almost never write.

While these are certainly the drawbacks of computers, I don’t believe that we can solve these problems by banning computers from the classroom. Instead, parents and teachers need to incorporate activities that require students to read and write. What’s more, computers make learning more fun and interactive. There are various educational activities that make learning more interesting and efficient. Computer usage also decreases paperwork in the classroom as students can submit their assignments online.

To conclude, I disagree with the view that teachers should stop using computers in the classroom. We cannot say no to emerging technologies if we want to equip our children with the skills they need to succeed in the workplace.

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