IELTS essay: Should children be given homework?

IELTS essay

Why do you think teachers give homework to students? How important is it for students to have homework? Perhaps homework should be abolished. Give your opinion about this. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge and experience.

Sample essay

Teachers give homework to ensure that students revise their lessons at home. This aids the process of learning. However, if too much homework is given, it will put students under tremendous pressure and affect their performance in school. This, however, does not mean that homework should be abolished. Instead, teachers should be advised to give less homework so that students will have enough time to engage in activities that keep them relaxed and entertained.

A lot of parents support homework but that is not surprising. Students who complete their homework seem to have better grades. This clearly shows that homework helps children assimilate the knowledge they acquired from school. Homework also encourages students to complete their work neatly and correctly within the timeframe allotted. This will definitely help them to grow into disciplined adults who can meet deadlines.

On the flip side, the practice of giving homework has its disadvantages. Now many teachers burden students with excessive homework. They forget that students need time to play with their friends, watch television or go out with their parents. Children spend several hours in the classroom. They need a break from books at least when they reach home. Many students now stay up late to complete their homework. When they reach school the next day they find it difficult to concentrate on their studies. This affects their academic performance.

There is yet another argument against excessive homework. Academic performance cannot be the only yardstick of excellence. Children need to develop well-rounded personalities. This wouldn’t be possible if they do not get time to focus on extra-curricular activities.

To conclude, I don’t think that abolishing homework will help students or teachers. Homework helps children master several skills they need for success in life. However, teachers need to ensure that they are not burdening students with excessive work.

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