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Sports and games make people more active and healthier. However, just because someone watches a sporting event in their free time, it doesn’t mean that they will play it. Some people, therefore, feel that watching sports is a waste of time. This argument certainly sounds logical but I don’t agree with it. 

Watching sports in one’s free time certainly does not make one healthier. This, however, does not mean that watching sports is a waste of time. Someone who watches a game is more likely to play it than someone who does not watch it at all. The biggest benefit of watching sporting events is that it encourages the viewer to try their skills at those games. The vast majority of children and youngsters who watch football and cricket on television play these games when they opportunity. This improves their fitness levels. During such sessions, some children also discover their hidden talents. If they didn’t watch these games on television, they wouldn’t play them. Of course, a person who only watches a game and does not play it will not benefit much. All those hours spent in front of the TV can actually make them obese. Even so, there are several life lessons that we can learn from sports. The most important is the ability to accept success and defeat alike.

Another benefit of watching sporting events is that it provides entertainment and relaxation. Most of us lead extremely stressful lives these days. Sport provides relaxation and helps beat stress. There is one more reason to watch sports. Sporting events have become a major business. People who watch them on television or from a stadium are helping local and global economy in many ways.

To conclude, watching sporting events during one’s free time is not a waste of time. Someone who watches sports and games are also more likely to play them. This will have a positive impact on their health.

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