IELTS essay sample | Should women join armed forces?

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Nowadays many women are joining the police and military forces. However, some people believe that these jobs are not suitable for women. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Sample response

A lot of women joined police and military forces during the last two decades. Many of them were highly successful and they played a huge role in empowering women all over the world. They proved that nothing is impossible if one is determined to achieve it. Some people, nonetheless, feel that these jobs aren’t suitable for women. I don’t agree with this view.

Women have proved their mettle in almost every field. They have proved that they can become great scientists, soldiers, pilots, astronauts and sailors. Therefore, there is no justification for claiming that they are not suitable for joining the armed forces.

Stereotypes exist and that is the reason some people undermine the potential of women. They feel that women lack the level of fitness required for joining police or armed forces. This is a misconception and lots of women have shattered this myth. Generally speaking women are less aggressive than men. They are caring and patient. That is why they make excellent teachers and doctors. Just because women are more caring and patient than men, men never shied away from pursuing careers in those sectors. Likewise, just because women are less aggressive than men, they should not be discouraged from becoming police officers and soldiers. Countless women have already proved that they have what it takes to be successful in such sectors. They are an inspiration for thousands of other women.

People who claim that these jobs are not suitable for women are only seeing one side of the coin. They are undermining the contributions of scores of women who proved that sky is the limit.

To conclude, nothing is impossible if one is determined to pursue one’s goals.

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