IELTS essay sample: Should uniform be banned?

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Some people think that uniform at school is unnecessary and should be banned. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample response

The school uniform serves several practical and beneficial purposes and hence I am against banning it. In this essay I will explain why the uniform must not be banned.

First, uniform helps create community feelings in children. When children wear uniform to school, they feel like they are all part of the same institution. This improves their relationship with one another. Second, uniform creates a sense of equality. In every school, you will find children coming from different cultural and financial backgrounds. Some students can afford to wear new clothes every day. Some can’t. When everyone – both rich and poor kids – wears the same clothes to school, no one feels superior or inferior. In my opinion, this is the biggest advantage of wearing uniform to school. Clothes can convey a lot of information about a person’s family background. Uniforms, on the other hand, do not reveal these details. This helps the students in many ways. If uniforms are banned and children are allowed to wear whatever they like, students coming from poor families may develop an inferiority complex when their richer classmates arrive in expensive designer wear every day.

Third, the uniform serves as an identity proof. A uniform is much more than a piece of clothing. When students wear uniform, it is easy to recognize which school they belong to. This also creates a sense of brotherhood among students. They feel attached to other students who wear the same uniform. Finally, students don’t have to waste time thinking what they should wear to school. Uniform helps save time for school authorities as well. They don’t have to worry about students wearing inappropriate clothes to school.

To conclude, there are several benefits to wearing uniform and students should be required to wear it to school. Uniform helps create a sense of equality and community feelings in children.


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