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Some people believe that children should go to extra classes after school. Others, however, think that children should spend that time playing instead. Discuses both views and give your own opinion.

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Whether or not children should attend extra classes after school depends upon the quality of education they receive at school. Children who receive excellent coaching from their school probably don’t have to attend extra classes. However, this is not always the case.

In many schools, there are too many children in one class. It is nearly impossible for the teacher to pay attention to all of them. In my opinion, such children will need to attend extra classes after school. For example, in Mumbai almost all students attend coaching classes after school. Private coaching institutes are mushrooming there. They charge a hefty fee. Still, even poor parents send their children to these coaching institutes because they are worried that their children might get poor grades if they didn’t receive extra coaching. Schools in Mumbai are overcrowded and that limits the amount of attention each student can receive from school. Students in many parts of the world face this problem. In such situations extra coaching often becomes a necessity.

Unfortunately, there is another side to this. When children spend much of their time in schools and coaching classes, they get hardly any time for themselves. Children who don’t play often develop health problems like obesity and diabetes. Many of them also suffer from anxiety and depression because they are under constant pressure to obtain better grades.

A lot of parents and schools simply don’t understand the importance of play. Many of them do not even allow their children to pursue extracurricular activities when they are in high school. While some students certainly need to focus more on academics to get better grades, others may wilt under too much academic pressure.

To conclude, parents should allow children to decide whether they need extra coaching or not. Students enrolled in good schools probably don’t need extra coaching. But if parents or the students are concerned that they might need extra attention, there is no harm in attending coaching classes. They should still ensure that they set aside at least an hour a day for play.

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