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Some parents think that helping their children with homework is good. Others think children should do their homework on their own. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sample response

Homework is a necessary evil. I don’t know many children who actually enjoy doing their homework. Nonetheless, it is beneficial to their progress and that is the reason teachers give homework. However, sometimes, children are given too much homework and in such situations it may be necessary for the parents to help them.

Children should do their homework on their own. Only then will they benefit. If parents do the homework the children are not getting the intended benefits. However, there are at least a few situations where this may be necessary. Young children, especially those attending KG or primary school, will need their parents’ assistance to complete their homework and other activities. Older children may also need their parents’ help from time to time.

In a country like India, children, especially those going to private schools, are burdened with too much homework. After completing their work, they get hardly any time to study. In such situations, they need the help of their parents. Just because students are doing their homework, it doesn’t mean that they are actually paying attention to what they are doing. A lot of them simply copy answers from their notebook. As a result, they aren’t gaining anything from this exercise. They need to learn the answers to score higher grades in the examination. If they spend too much time on their homework, their score will suffer.

To conclude, students are supposed to do their homework on their own. However, this is not always possible because of time constraints. In such situations, parents should lend a helping hand.

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