IELTS essay sample: Should consumers avoid over packaged products?

Do you think consumers should avoid over packaged products or is it the responsibility of the manufacturer to avoid over packaging? Give your views and also some examples from your own experience.

Sample response

Over packaging is a clever tactic that many manufacturers employ to make their products look more attractive. Since consumers get drawn to beautifully packaged items, over packaging may help sell more products. Some manufacturers also employ this technique to hide the flaws of their products. It is true that manufacturers have a responsibility to avoid over packaging. But in my opinion, they are unlikely to stop this practice until consumers stop buying over packaged products.

Over packaging is not a benign practice. It does not help anyone except the manufacturer. Over packaging hurts the consumer and the environment. Wastefully packaged boxes take up a lot more space than necessary in shipping trucks. As a result, to carry the same amount of cargo, trucks have to make more trips. This results in the wastage of energy, materials and manpower.

All the materials used for packaging will eventually end up in landfills. This creates a serious problem for the environment. Over packaging may lead to deforestation, global warming and air pollution.

Paper is still the most common material used for packaging. Each year tens of thousands of trees are being cut down to create packaging materials. Plastic is also used for packaging. The environmental impact of plastic is well-known. It is sad that companies still haven’t woken up to the dangers of over packaging and resort to such practices to sell their products.

To conclude, over packaging is not something that should be encouraged. While it might seem to be a benign practice, it has negative impacts on the environment. Consumers have to stop buying over packaged products. Only then will manufacturers take notice and stop shipping their items in large almost empty packets.


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