IELTS essay sample | Seniors and youngsters are competing for the same jobs

Nowadays, more and more older people who need employment compete with the younger people for the same jobs. What problems this causes? What are solutions?

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Seniors are now competing with youngsters for the same jobs. This creates tough competition in the job market. Unemployment rates are already high in some countries. And when youngsters have to share the available jobs with seniors, it creates more unemployment among them.

The fact that many seniors still need jobs clearly shows that their financial situation is not good. This is a cause for concern. Seniors who don’t have enough savings for their twilight years are a social liability. If they don’t manage to find employment and earn enough, the government will have to take care of their healthcare costs. What’s more, finding jobs is not easy for senior adults. Many of them lack the skills needed for the modern workplace. That said, there are still some jobs for which companies prefer seniors to juniors. Even if they are not as tech savvy as youngsters, they have more experience. Also they are able to think with a level head. Because of these traits many companies still appoint senior adults.

Seniors actively looking for employment is not exactly great news for young people. While it is true that they can learn a lot from the experience of older employees, there aren’t enough jobs for all in the market. The truth is that young people who often have a dependent spouse and young children need employment more than seniors.
There are some solutions to this problem. Enforcing a strict retirement age will prevent seniors from looking for jobs. However, that will affect older people who are in desperate need of a job. To help them, the government needs to launch some welfare schemes and ensure that all the people who need assistance can have it.

To conclude, when seniors compete with juniors for the same jobs, the unemployment situation only gets worse. The government can prevent this from happening by launching welfare programs for the elderly. 

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