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Some people say private schools should be banned because they give students an unfair advantage on others. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion and include relevant examples from your own experience.

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Private schools are mushrooming because they provide better education. Unlike government funded schools they charge a fee. Still, parents send their children to private schools. Some people, however, feel that private schools should be banned because children going to those schools have an unfair advantage over those attending government schools. I don’t agree with this view.

Children attending private schools tend to get higher grades than those attending government schools. Private schools charge a fee. If they don’t provide good education, they will run out of business. Perhaps the biggest argument against private schools is that only rich students can attend them. Poor families still depend on government funded schools. Since many of these schools don’t provide quality education, the poor students are at a disadvantage. However, this problem cannot be solved by eliminating private schools from the scene.

Everyone should have access to quality education. In a country like India parents invest too much in their children’s education. I know families that borrow money to send their children to private schools. Instead of banning private schools, the government needs to do something to improve the quality of state-funded schools. If they were providing quality education, parents wouldn’t be sending their children to private schools in the private place.

Teachers at government schools are better qualified than private school teachers. They land the job after scoring good marks in various eligibility tests. By contrast, many private school teachers merely possess a degree. Still, their hard work ensures that their students have good grades. Many government school teachers, by contrast, lack commitment. They are not accountable to any. They will receive their salary whether their students pass their exams or not. This needs to change. The government should introduce a grading system that measures the performance of teachers as well. Those who lack commitment and sincerity should be dismissed promptly.

To conclude, banning private schools will not solve the problems plaguing our education system. Private schools address a need and that need should be met. In order to ensure that everyone has access to quality education, the government needs to improve the standards of government schools.

Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Here is a band 8 essay sample.

Whether private schools give students an unfair advantage over others is often debated. Some people argue that they offer better quality education and other facilities that only rich kids can enjoy. Hence, in their opinion, these schools should be banned. I do not agree with this view.

Private schools charge a hefty fee and hence only children coming from affluent families can access them. This certainly gives them rich children an unfair advantage. However, this does not mean that private schools should be banned. As these schools are run by the fee collected from the students, the government does not have to allocate any funding for them. This allows state funded schools to receive more financial help. Additionally, if affluent families privately educate their offspring, this means more seats / places are available in government schools for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. This allows even poor families to educate their children and secure them places at university in the future.

As for the unfair advantage that private schools offer, it should be remembered that it is not reasonable to express fairness in all aspects of life. Even if private schools are banned, wealthy parents will still be able to provide private coaching to their children. They will also be able to buy them the best reference material and other learning aids to ensure that their children will do better at school. That means, banning private educational institutions alone will not create a level playing field.

In conclusion, it is true that private schools offer an unfair advantage to rich students, but banning them is never the right solution to achieve equality. In my opinion, it is not reasonable to expect fairness in all aspects of life. Rather, children should be taught to leverage whatever opportunities that come their way.

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