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Nowadays most people wear western clothing rather than their traditional clothes. What are the reasons for it? Is it a positive or a negative development?

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There is no denying the fact that western clothes are becoming popular all over the world. They are stylish, practical and suit a variety of body types. In my opinion, the worldwide adoption of western clothes is a positive thing.

Much of the popularity of western clothes can be attributed to the fact that western countries are the center of education and business. They attract students and professionals from all over the world. Hollywood films also played an important role in making western clothes popular all over the world.

The biggest advantage of wearing western clothes is that they protect the wearer from dress-based discrimination. This is important in the modern world where people are migrating to foreign nations to study or work. An Asian student wearing western outfits on a campus in the US or Europe is less likely to feel cultural alienation. The fact that he is also wearing the same outfits as other students on the campus makes it easy for him to fit into the new surroundings.

Another advantage of wearing western clothes is that they are available practically everywhere. You can buy them from just about any shop and that eliminates the need to carry bundles of clothing with you when you travel abroad. This is not exactly the case with traditional outfits. In many cases, you can only buy them from your country. For example, Indian outfits like dhoti, sari or salwar kameez are not readily available in many parts of the world. So, if an Indian living abroad insists on wearing only Indian clothes, he will face a lot of difficulty. By adopting western clothes they can get around this difficulty.

To conclude, the adoption of western outfits is a positive thing. Western countries are regarded as the land of opportunities. This is exactly the reason that made western clothing popular all over the world.

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