IELTS essay sample | People prefer to watch foreign films rather than local films

Many people prefer to watch foreign films rather than locally produced films. Why could this be? Should governments give more financial support to local films?

Sample response

Generally speaking, people are more interested in watching global movies than domestic movies. There are several reasons for this.

First, foreign films, especially those produced in the West, are gigantic and expensive. They use the best scripts and the latest technologies such as animation and sound effects. Many of these films also support social causes and create awareness in the society. For example, Iranian movies are well known for their social messages and Hollywood films are famous for their use of latest technologies. Second, reputed actors and actresses work in these films with accomplished directors and musicians famous all over the world. Their popularity encourages more people to watch these films. Third, foreign films have more genres. They deal with science fiction, supernatural, history and the like. As they cater to a variety of audience, they enjoy tremendous popularity.  Finally, by watching foreign movies people can learn foreign languages and improve their communication skills.

Films are a reflection of life in a society. In my opinion, the local governments should help improve the standard of domestic films by providing subsidies and other forms of financial assistance. For example, governments should give tax exemption to high budget local movies. This will enable local producers to sign international actors for their films and make news overseas.

The government has a responsibility to promote movies dealing with social causes. Local films help the local economy in many ways. For instance, historical movies may help a country’s economy by way of tourism. A good example is the Hollywood movie ‘Apocalypto’. It still attracts lots of foreign tourists interested in learning about the Mayan civilisation to Mexico where it was shot.

To conclude, people watch foreign movies for their technical brilliance, screenplay and cinematography. Local movies will enjoy similar popularity if they can improve their quality. In my opinion, governments should help the local film industry by offering them financial assistance.

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