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Some people claim that governments should take action to ensure that people have a healthy lifestyle. Others, however, disagree and believe that people should decide themselves which way they prefer to live their lives.

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In a democracy people have the freedom to decide what they should eat or drink. They have the freedom to decide how they should lead their lives. The government can encourage people to lead healthy lives, but it cannot decide what people have on their plate. Any such move by the government will amount to the violation of the fundamental rights of its citizens.

If a nation is to prosper, its people have to be healthy. Therefore, it is normal for governments to be concerned about their citizens’ health. This, however, does not mean that governments can promote a certain lifestyles and ban others. People must be allowed to make their own choices.

When print and visual media give information on healthy and unhealthy food habits and lifestyle, people should have no difficulty making the right choices. Parents can also help their children to choose the right foods. If people still decide to live an unhealthy lifestyle, they are doing so at their own risk.

Ill-health is not always a result of poor food habits. In many cases, it is a consequence of poverty. Poor people still do not have access to good food and sanitation. This is where the government needs to step in. The government can, for example, ensure that everyone has access to nutritious foods by offering food grains at subsidized rates. Malnutrition is still a big problem in undeveloped countries where millions of children go to bed on an empty stomach. By giving food grains free or at subsidized costs, the government can ensure that every child can grow into a healthy adult.

To conclude, I strongly believe that people should be allowed to make their own food and lifestyle choices. The government should encourage them to lead healthy lives by creating awareness through various channels. It also needs to ensure that everyone has access to good food regardless of their financial situation. In my opinion, apart from this, the government has no other role to perform in this situation.

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