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The best way to reduce poverty in developing countries is by giving up to 6 years of free education to children, so that they can at least read, write and use numbers. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement?

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Education plays a crucial role in alleviating poverty. Take a look at the developed nations in the world. It is not hard to see that the biggest strength of these nations is their educated workforce. So, I agree with the argument that the best way to reduce poverty in developing nations is to provide free education to their children. While, six years of free education isn’t sufficient, it is definitely better than no education at all.

Education has the potential to change lives. Educated people can protect themselves from exploitation at the workplace. They earn better salaries. All of these improve their chances of freeing themselves from the shackles of poverty.

Besides improving the finances of a person, education helps them improve the overall quality of their life. Perhaps the biggest benefit of receiving education is that they will pass it down to the next generation. Educated parents will ensure that their children also receive education.

Education throws open many doors. An ability to read and write improves one’s understanding of one’s surroundings. Just because someone has received a few years’ of schooling, they are unlikely to be able to land a good job. Even so, a little education is much better than no education at all. An ability to read and write makes them aware of their rights. In many countries the government has several welfare schemes for the poor. However, many of them are not aware of these schemes and cannot take advantage of them. They are often deceived by unscrupulous leaders and politicians who pocket the benefits meant for them.

To conclude, even primary education has the potential to improve lives and reduce poverty. Therefore, I strongly agree with the argument that it should be free for all children.

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