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Nowadays in some countries the number of children aged 15 and younger are increasing. What are the current and future effects of ever increasing population?

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In many countries there is a dramatic increase in the number of young people. This development has far reaching implications. In this essay, I will examine the present and future impacts of the rise in the population of children.

When there is an increase in the number of children, the demand for schools and teachers also increases. Unfortunately, many countries do not have enough schools to admit all the children. For example, in China the number of school-aged children is very high; however, the country does not have enough good schools. As a result, many students do not have access to quality education. The situation is not much different in India.

The growth in the number of children can be attributed to the failure of family planning in these countries. When families have several children, it becomes difficult for them to cater to the needs of everyone. If families limit themselves to one or two children, they will be able to give more care and attention to those children.

The rise in the number of young people will lead to unemployment in the future. And when youngsters can’t find jobs in their country, they will be forced to emigrate. This leads to the undesirable brain drain. When several applicants fight for the same job, finding employment will become more difficult. This will encourage unemployed people from developing nations like India and China to immigrate to countries like the US and Canada.

To conclude, the growing population of children below the age of 15 will impact the present and the future in many ways. This trend calls for the allocation of more resources to education. It also demands the generation of more jobs.

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