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Differences between countries are becoming less. Nowadays people all over the world are adopting similar fashion and trends. Do you think disadvantages outweigh the advantages?

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Globalization, open economy and advancements in communication technologies have had both positive and negative impacts on our lives. The world has become a global village where everyone wears the same kind of outfits, watches the same films, listens to the same music and eats the same food. In my opinion, this trend is more disadvantageous owing to its consequences in the developing world.

Thanks to speedier modes of transportation and advancements in communication technologies, ideas, technologies, fashion, trends and products can easily travel between countries. The only country that benefits from this phenomenon is the country where these innovations originate. In most cases, this is a developed nation like the United States. When everyone copies American fashion and buys American products, American companies flourish. For example, Apple products are now a craze all over the world. Since it is an American company when Apple sells more smart phones and tablets, the real beneficiary is the US economy. At the same time, smaller manufacturers in the developing world like India or China are struggling to compete with giants like Apple and Samsung. This creates unemployment in these nations.

Another major disadvantage of globalization is that smaller and less developed nations are losing their cultural heritage. Take, for instance, the growing popularity of western outfits in Asia and Africa. People all over the world now use jeans while it is only suitable for use in cold countries. Yet you find men and women wearing jeans in a tropical country like India. This blind copying of fashion and trends cause several health problems for people who adopt them without questioning their suitability. It also kills the ethnic garment industry in their countries.

To conclude, when everyone adopts the same trends, the real beneficiaries are the makers of those trends. The rest of the world does not gain anything from this arrangement. Therefore, in my opinion, the lessening of differences between nations is more disadvantageous.

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