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Children who spend a great deal of time playing computer games are not doing themselves a service. This, however, does not mean that computer games are totally bad. They help the development of children in many ways. They also do some harm.

There are several benefits to playing computer games. Computer games help children think quickly and maintain higher levels of concentration for longer periods. Children who play games tend to enjoy better hand-eye coordination. Some studies have shown that children suffering from dyslexia can improve their reading skills by playing action-packed computer games that require intense focus. Contrary to popular belief, computer games can promote physical activity among children. Children who play video games that involve tennis, cricket, football or basketball are more likely to play these games outdoors. Computer games may also improve memory and other cognitive skills. Puzzle games, for example, may improve brain function in children.

On the flip side, computer games have their fair share of disadvantages. If children play games on their computer for hours on end, their eyesight may suffer. Their brains may find it difficult to process rapidly moving visuals. Worse still, computer games promote a sedentary lifestyle. Playing a game using a handheld device does not require the child to be physically active. Physical activity is essential for the overall development of children. If they spend hours in front of a computer playing games, their physical and emotional development will suffer. Violent games may also promote violence among children.

To conclude, there are several advantages and disadvantages to playing computer games; therefore, I don’t agree with the argument that computer games are bad by all means. Children should be allowed to play video games for an hour or so every other day. Parents should help them choose the right games and ensure that they are not spending their entire day in front of the computer.

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