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There has been a dramatic increase in the number of people who live alone. This trend is more rampant in the west than in Asian countries. In my opinion, living alone has its advantages and disadvantages.

I will start with the advantages. People who live alone are better at shouldering responsibilities than those living with their family. They ensure that their rents and bills are paid on time. They learn to take care of themselves. They can cook and clean. In short they know how to lead an independent life. This lifestyle is particularly beneficial to people who seek total privacy. People who live alone are also able to do whatever they want to because there is no one to restrict them. In short, they are free birds.

On the flip side, there are several disadvantages to living alone. People who live alone are more likely to develop psychological problems like depression. Man is a gregarious creature. We are hardwired to find happiness in the company of others. When we isolate ourselves, we will face several problems. The biggest disadvantage of living alone is the lack of emotional support. Lonely people have no one to offer them support or guidance when they face problems or defeats. An unrestricted lifestyle may also make them addicted to several bad habits. This will ruin their life and relations. Worse still, they have none to help them during an emergency situation such as an illness or a natural disaster. For instance, one of my friends who lived alone in Australia recently died of a heart attack. When he experienced pain in the chest, none of his family members or friends was there to help him.

To conclude, living alone has both positive and negative impacts on our lives. In my opinion, every one of us has the right to lead a lifestyle of our choice. However, we need to ensure that our preferences do not hurt our family members or ourselves.

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More and more people are living alone these days. There are several reasons behind this trend and the most important among them are the need for freedom and the financial security that many people enjoy these days. In my opinion, living alone has both advantages and disadvantages.

They are various reasons why many people prefer to live by themselves. To start with, they seek freedom and absolute control over their lives. They do not like it when their parents or siblings try to encroach on their personal space so they choose to live alone. Generation gap is another factor that contributes to this phenomenon. Oftentimes youngsters and their parents have widely different opinions on many things and this leads to conflicts. Living alone allows people to live as they wish. Another reason for this trend is the rapid economic development. Many people now earn more than enough to live on their own. Since they do not need the financial assistance of a parent or spouse, they choose to live by themselves. The advent of modern technologies like the internet and smart phone has also contributed to this trend. People are now ready to migrate to faraway lands because they are aware that they can stay connected to their near and dear ones from any part of the globe.

On the one hand, this development can be advantageous for young people. When they live alone, they have to learn to cook, wash and manage their finances independently. If they live with their parents, they receive help all the time and this may prevent them from acquiring important life skills and becoming independent.

On the other hand, living alone does not benefit the nurturing of family bonds. While it is true that we can now get in touch with our family from any part of the world, online interactions lack the warmth of real face to face interactions. Also, when youngsters choose to live on their own, their aging parents are left alone. Last but not least, too much freedom can be detrimental and it is quite possible for young people living alone to get into bad company. Thus, it is evident that this trend has a negative impact on family relationships in the long term.

In conclusion, although living alone has become a popular trend and has its inherent advantages, people still need to pay attention to its disadvantages in order to sustain family bonds.

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