IELTS essay: Do you think that moving abroad for better jobs is good?

The following question was asked on an IELTS writing test held in Canada in March 2012.

Many people choose to work or live abroad because of the higher standards of living they can find outside their home country.  Do you think this brings more advantages or disadvantages to the people who follow this path?

 Model Answer

The standard of living in developed countries is considerably better than that in underdeveloped or developing countries and that is what prompts most people to emigrate. People who choose to live abroad almost always come from underdeveloped or developing countries where they do not have enough opportunities for career or personal growth.

When talented youngsters move abroad, they get the kind of salary that matches their qualifications. They may not get similar opportunities in the country of their birth. By moving abroad, they will also be able to provide world class education to their children. Another advantage is the availability of excellent healthcare in the developed world. It is a well-known fact that people in the first world countries live longer than those in the third world countries. People who immigrate to these countries may also enjoy this benefit.

On the flip side, when the talented youth move to other countries in search of better jobs, it creates a dearth of talent in their mother country. While this is a disadvantage, it has another side to it. A large number of Indians now work and live abroad. The money that they sent to their loved ones in India makes a significant contribution to the Indian economy. According to some statistics, annually India receives over 50 billion USD in foreign remittance. That’s a huge amount that can significantly improve the quality of a living in a country. Foreign remittance, for example, is the backbone of the Kerala economy (a south Indian state) where the literacy and longevity rates are comparable to those in the developed world.

After analyzing both sides of the situation it is felt that moving abroad for a better job has more advantages than disadvantages. Not only the people who immigrate, but also the country of their birth benefit from this trend in more ways than one.

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