IELTS essay: Certain jobs are more suitable for men than women

Some people believe that men and women possess different skills. According to them certain jobs are more suitable for men than women. There are also some jobs where women perform better. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

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Women now compete and cooperate with men in almost all walks of life and they have proved their mettle, too. However, men and women are not built alike. They may have the same intellectual capabilities, but physically and emotionally men and women are different and that probably explains why certain jobs are considered suitable for men and certain other jobs suitable for women.

Until a few decades ago many people used to believe that women are not suitable for a career in science or finance. Such wrong notions no longer exist because many women have proved that they make equally brilliant engineers and number crunchers. Still, certain sectors prefer men over women. There are also some sectors where women outperform men.

Thanks to their stronger physique, men are more suitable for physically demanding jobs than women. For example, jobs in mining and mechanics are laborious and involve handling heavy machinery. A few women have proved that they are capable of handling such jobs, but the majority of workers employed in these sectors are men. The armed forces also recruit more men than women.

Though women lack physical prowess, they score better than men in some other areas. For example, women are more caring and patient. These qualities make them excellent teachers and nurses. Women also possess better people skills and are considered more suitable for careers in hospitality and public relations.

Of course, several women have proved that they are capable of doing just about anything that men can. Take for instance, the case of Madam Curie, the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for Physics. She proved her mettle at a time when science and technology were largely dominated by men. Women have also conquered the seas, the mountains and the skies. The fact that they lacked muscle power didn’t deter them from pursuing their goals. Still, these are exceptions rather than the rules.

In conclusion, certain jobs are more suitable for men. There are also certain jobs where women perform better than men. Personally I believe that a person’s physical and intellectual capabilities, rather than gender, should determine his or her career choice. If a woman possesses sufficient physical strength and is determined enough to pursue a career in a male dominated sector, her gender should not come in the way of her goal. The same theory applies to men as well.

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