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Nowadays many young people are drawn towards dangerous sports. What makes them so attractive? What measures should be taken to regulate such sports and minimize the risks?

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Nowadays youngsters are showing too much interest in extreme sports. They don’t care about their safety. They just want to experience the thrill and adrenaline rush. Unfortunately, a lot of them injure themselves while engaging in dangerous sports. There are several reasons behind the popularity of extreme sports.

Young people, especially teens, seek appreciation. They want to show off their courage and skills. They enjoy posting photos of their daring acts on social media. They want to get as many comments and likes as they can. A lot of them also enjoy the thrill and excitement that they get to experience while performing these activities. For example, my friend shared a photo of him trying bungee-jumping on social media. It was his first attempt and he received a lot of appreciation from his friends. I am sure he will repeat the act.

Dangerous sports are just that – dangerous. Accidents often occur and cause serious injuries to the participants. I recently read in an article that a girl had fallen from the top of a giant wheel and died.

Banning adventurous sports probably does not make sense because people have a right to engage in activities that they enjoy. Most people who participate in these activities are aware of the risks they are taking. However, the government needs to control and regularise the sector. Only licensed companies should be allowed to operate in this field. Violators should be punished with monetary fines and/or prison terms. Parents too can play an important role here. They should not allow their children to engage in activities that are dangerous to their lives.

To conclude, people have a fundamental right to pursue activities that they enjoy as long as they do not cause harm to themselves or others. Young people seek fun and thrill. They government can’t prevent them from engaging in adventurous activities; however, it should enact appropriate laws to ensure the safety of the participants.

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