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Newspapers affect people’s ideas and opinions. Do you agree or disagree? If you agree, is it a positive or a negative development?

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There is no denying the fact that newspapers influence the way we think and act. They shape our perspectives. In my opinion, this influence has both positive and negative aspects.

Let’s start with the positives. Newspapers play a big role in keeping the world sane. They keep us informed of the happenings around us. They voice the concerns of the society and ensure that authorities listen to people and their needs.

In India, national newspapers played an important role during the freedom struggle. They made sure that the country stood united and fought for freedom. Newspapers make people aware of their rights and help them fight for them. They ensure that our society does not rot. They expose corruption and guide the nation in the right direction.

On the flip side, newspapers have their fair share of negatives. Journalism has changed over the years. Values have also changed. Many newspapers that championed the cause of the country and its people during the freedom struggle are now owned by corporate houses that are only interested in protecting their business interests. They have lost their social commitment. They are no longer the voice of the common man. In fact, some of our widely circulated newspapers don’t even feel the need to stand up for the less privileged sections of the society.

Many newspapers now glorify the luxurious lives of celebrities and often succeed in convincing common people that their lives aren’t worth living. They promote consumerism. They make people believe that life is all about shopping and partying. Also many newspapers have political affiliations. They often distort news and issues to serve the interests of the party they are affiliated to. This does not help the cause of the nation.

To conclude, it is true that newspapers influence public opinion. While this influence is largely positive, there are some negative sides too. In my opinion, everyone should read at least two newspapers to get a better understanding of the world.

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