IELTS essay about the influence of newspapers on the society

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Newspapers affect people’s ideas and opinions. Do you agree or disagree? If you agree, is it a positive or a negative development?

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Newspapers are the biggest source of information for the general public. They keep us informed of global events. Newspapers also help shape public opinion. They not only provide news; they also provide views. In my opinion, newspapers have both positive and negative influence on the society.

People get easily influenced by what they read in the newspapers. Most of us trust newspaper reports blindly. We are convinced that if a story appears in the newspaper, then it has to be true. Newspapers have the power to influence people’s thought processes. During India’s freedom struggle, Indian national newspapers played an important role in galvanising public opinion against the colonial establishment in India. This gave momentum to the freedom movement.

Newspapers are important for the success of a democracy. They make sure that politicians remain accountable to the people who send them to the parliament. All of these are examples of the positive influence of newspapers.

On the flip side, journalism is also becoming a business. It is wrong to assume that all newspapers have the noblest intentions. Some widely circulated newspapers are owned by big corporate houses. They misuse the power of newspapers to form public opinion in their favour. As a result, many a time, the voice and concerns of the common man go unheard.

Sensationalism is another problem. Newspapers need readers. For this purpose, they often sensationalise news stories. Some newspapers also try to glamorize the lives of the rich and the famous. This sends out the wrong message to young readers. They assume that life is all about attending parties and wearing designer clothes.

To conclude, newspapers certainly influence people and that influence can be positive or negative. In my opinion, everyone should read at least two newspapers. This will help them get a better understanding of national and international events. Journalists and reporters also need to realize that they have a commitment to the society. People get influenced by their articles and reports. They have to use their pen for the betterment of the society.

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