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Some teachers tend to reward students who achieve high academic results. Others, however, support and reward students that show the most improvement.Discuss both approaches and give your opinion.

Sample response

Most teachers reward high achievers; there are also some who prefer to reward students who show improvement in their studies. In my opinion, both categories of students need to be rewarded.

When toppers are rewarded, it will help them stay motivated. This will improve their performance in the future as well. Awards and prizes encourage students to work harder and harder. That is the main reason they are given in the first place. High achievers also need to be rewarded for their excellent performance. When their teachers and school recognize their hard work by giving them prizes, they will want to get even better results.

Schools have their own reasons to reward best performing students. Every school needs at least a few brilliant students. High achievers help grow the reputation of the school. When students perform well in examinations, their teachers’ hard work is getting recognized. In the same way, when students fare badly, it affects the credentials of the teacher. It is not surprising then that teachers reward students who perform well in tests.

Students who are showing improvement in their studies also need to be rewarded. It will encourage them to work harder. Everyone wants to be recognized for their work. When a student puts in hard work to improve his grades, he needs his teacher’s support and encouragement. If none seems to care, the student may lose his motivation and that might affect his grades again. For teachers, the easiest way to show their appreciation is to reward students with compliments and prizes.

To conclude, all students need to be rewarded for their good work. When high achievers are rewarded it will help them to stay motivated. When students showing improvement are rewarded, it boosts their morale and improves their future performance. In my opinion, schools that only reward the best students should start recognizing the hard work of other students too.

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