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Youngsters these days find hardly any time for leisure. Is this a positive development? What are the causes of this? If this is a problem, can you suggest solutions?

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In this highly competitive world, finding time for leisure activities has become rather difficult. This is particularly true in the case of youngsters. They are overburdened with their studies and often get very little time for enjoying themselves. This is not a positive development. This essay will shed light on the causes of this problem and suggest solutions.

Nowadays cut-throat competition exists in the job market. Only the best candidates get the jobs. In such a scenario, youngsters are forced to study hard for ridiculously long hours. They don’t want to get low grades because they are worried that poor academic performance may affect their career prospects. In addition, there is tremendous pressure from the parents. In a country like India, where the grades of the children have always been a status symbol for the parents, children are under pressure to perform. As a result, many of them avoid leisure activities and concentrate on their studies.

Higher secondary students need good marks in their term examinations to secure admission to the course of their choice. Everybody wants to get into prestigious institutions because a degree from a good college almost always guarantees a high paying job with excellent career prospects.

Unfortunately, excessive focus on studies has several negative consequences. Parents and teachers who overburden students with high expectations need to realize that the human brain needs rest and relaxation to perform well. Excessive pressure will make children anxious and ill. Even a small amount of leisure will provide the brain the much needed relaxation. A well-rested brain will also help the child perform better in the classroom.

To conclude, youngsters need to maintain a balance between studies and leisure. They need both for optimal performance. Also parents and teachers need to realize that a child does not have to be academically brilliant to have a successful career. What they need to do is to find out the latent talents of a child and help them develop.

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