IELTS essay about raising children in rural and urban areas

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Some people say that cities are a better place for children to grow up, while others believe countryside is the right choice. Discuss both views.

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People have different views regarding where children should be raised. While some believe that they should be brought up in the cities others argue that the countryside is the best place to raise young children. In my opinion, both cities and villages have their merits and demerits.

Health benefits are the biggest advantage of raising children in the countryside. Rural areas are less polluted than urban areas. They are more beautiful and may inspire the imagination of kids. Also they are safer with fewer instances of crime. In addition rural communities are closer and people know one another. All of these help the physical, emotional and social development of children. In fact, children who grow up in the countryside tend to have a better connection with nature and their fellow beings.

On the flip side, urban areas have their merits too. Children living in cities have easy access to better schools and colleges. Actually, this is the main reason for many parents to raise their children in cities. This is not exactly the case with village children. They often have to travel to cities to obtain quality education. In addition, finding a job after completing studies is easier in a city than in a village.

To conclude, neither the urban areas nor the rural areas are a perfect place to bring up children. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. Cities are a better choice for parents who are more concerned about giving the best possible education to their children. Villages are ideal for gifting them a healthy and carefree childhood.

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