IELTS essay about government taking measures to improve people’s health

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Some people think that Government should take measures regarding the healthy lifestyle of individuals. Others think it must be managed by individuals. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Some people presume that the government should take measures to improve the health of its people. Others argue that leading a healthy lifestyle is the responsibility of the people. In my opinion, both the government and the individuals have an important role in ensuring the health of a nation.

The government can do a lot of things to improve the health of its citizens. For example, it can build swimming pools and parks with jogging tracks to encourage people to exercise and stay healthy. It could perhaps charge a nominal membership fee for the maintenance of these facilities. Physical activity helps people lose weight and improves their cardiovascular health. In addition, the government can impose extra taxes on junk foods and other unhealthy habits. It can also promote a healthy lifestyle through educational programs on television, radio and newspapers.

The individuals are equally responsible for their health. No matter how hard the government tries, if someone does not want to be healthy, the government can offer little help. In many countries obesity has become a major health issue. Poor eating habits and the lack physical activity are the major reasons behind us. The government could perhaps increase the tax on junk foods but the wealthy will still be able to afford them. This clearly shows that the government alone cannot improve the health of people. We are also responsible. Every one of us has to make a conscious effort to stay away from unhealthy habits. For example, we need to eliminate junk foods from our platters and quit habits like smoking or drinking.

To conclude, both parties – the government and the individuals – are responsible for maintaining a healthy nation and people.

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