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Nowadays there is a rapid increase in the use of natural resources such as oil, forest and fresh water. What dangers does it bring? What are the possible solutions to address these issues?

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The world is becoming hungrier for resources. We have already destroyed much of the forest cover and depleted fresh water sources. Oil wells are drying up. In my opinion, excessive consumption of natural resources will have long lasting consequences that will even endanger our existence on this planet.

Human population increased rapidly over the last few decades. Increasing population puts strain on natural resources like forests. Forests are being cleared to build homes and factories. Trees are being cut down to build furniture. Unfortunately, deforestation leads to several problems like increase in atmospheric temperature, droughts and soil erosion. When temperature rises people buy air conditioners. This does not address the issue. In fact, some chemicals released by refrigerators and air conditioners add to global warming.

Depleting oil resources can wreak havoc with global economy. Oil is the biggest source of energy for the developed and developing world. Over 90 percent of vehicles run on petrol and diesel. If oil disappears one day, people will not be able to travel. All transportation activities will come to a stop and people will not have access to essential commodities.

Fresh water is another resource that is fast becoming unavailable. It is impossible to survive without fresh water. It is true that plenty of water is available in the oceans, but ocean water cannot be used for drinking. While it is possible to desalinate ocean water, this process requires a great deal of energy.

To conclude depleting natural resources are the biggest problem we face today. The only possible solution is to invest in renewable energy sources. We also need to learn to use resources judiciously. Even simple acts like planting trees and saving rain water will make a great difference.

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