IELTS band 8 essay sample: Advantages and disadvantages of hosting international sporting events


There are several advantages to hosting an international sporting event. There are disadvantages too. Discuss both views and state your opinion.

Student’s response

The location of global sports events often results in a competition between nations. Although there are clear downsides for hosting such events, I think the benefits make it attractive.

There are several drawbacks for countries where major sports events take place. Firstly, there is a notable security threat to the host country due to the sudden influx of people from across the globe, which makes it harder to undergo a thorough security check on all of them. Additionally, the venues of the events may be targeted by terrorist groups. Secondly, many fans often choose to use drugs while watching their favourite events. Intoxicated fans could over-react, which may lead to problems such as fights and other illegal actions. Nevertheless, I believe such negative consequences can be overcome by increasing security measures.

In fact I believe hosting sports events that are recognized worldwide bring more benefits than harm. Primarily, the host country undergoes significant financial activities, which boosts the economy. This is mainly due to the tourists coming to watch the events. As a result, local businesses also flourish. These businesses can also leverage their interaction with international costumers by learning about their tastes and preferences. This can help guide their entrepreneurial decisions if they choose to internationalize their business. Moreover, the host country gains significant prestige in the international arena, which also drives more tourists in the future.

In conclusion, I would argue that despite the apparent harmful consequences of hosting international sports events, the benefits of doing so make it a worthy venture.


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