IELTS Band 7.5 Essay Samples: Money Management Skills Should Be Taught At Schools

IELTS Essay Prompt

Money management skills should be taught at schools. Do you agree or disagree?

Student’s response

Finance is the art of managing money. Since virtually all businesses rely basically on their personnel’s ability to manage money, many experts believe that finance and money management are cornerstones for one’s success. Therefore, I have a firm conviction that finance should be taught at schools.

Money management is an essential skill for one’s success. Therefore, many people advocate for the integration of finance education in school curriculum. They believe that when a child acquires such skills, he is likely to be a wise spender and hence a successful individual. In addition to being an academic course, financial education can breed values, within students, such as self-discipline, confidence and an unprecedented desire for success.

Hence, not only does financial education pave the way for success, but also it instills values that constitute key ingredients of a sound character.
Instilling wise spending in the society can impact positively on the economy of a nation. This, however, can be done only at schools, where skills and knowledge are injected into the society. When a child realizes the importance of money, he will plan wisely for his retirement. Thus, ultimately, this would relieve the government of the burden of elderly people who are off the social security’s list of beneficiaries.

In conclusion, financial education is important for both –the individual and the society. Its effects echoes loudly in the society and secures a nation from a turbulent future. Also, financial education instills important values and morals into the society through individuals that complement a prosperous society.

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