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The given line graph shows the number of travelers to and from the UK during the period between 1979 and 1999. The bar graph shows information regarding the countries visited by UK nationals in 1999.

Overall, it can be seen that visits to foreign countries by UK residents and the visits to the UK by foreign nationals both increased during the twenty year period. While only around 12 million UK nationals visited foreign countries in 1979, that number rose dramatically to almost 53 million by 1999. During this time, there was also a considerable increase in the number of visits to the UK. While only around 10 million foreigners visited the UK in 1979, that number almost tripled to 28 million by 1999.

As for countries visited by UK nationals, France was their most popular destination with about 12 million visits to that country in 1999. Spain was the second most popular and received about 9 million visits from the UK. The USA (about 4 million), Greece (about 3 million) and Turkey (about 2 million) also received a considerable number of visits from the UK.

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