How to score well in the writing module

Many candidates who take the IELTS test find it difficult to score well in the Writing module but that is not surprising. You need a decent understanding of English grammar and sentence structures to score well in this module.

Here are a few things you should consider while writing your Task 1 and Task 2 response.

Task 1 (letter / report)

You have to follow the instructions exactly. You also need to cover all aspects of the task. The tone and style of your letter should be appropriate. If you are writing to friends or family, you should use an informal tone. Letters to your employer or landlord should have a formal tone.

Make sure that you have organized your response into neat paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a clear idea. You should also include a clear introduction. Try to use a variety of vocabulary. You also need to ensure that your sentences are well-structured and linked. Use logical and grammatical connectors to ensure the smooth flow of ideas between sentences and paragraphs.

You write your Task 1 and Task 2 responses on a piece of paper so your writing should be legible. If the examiner can’t read what you have written, your score will suffer.

Task 2 (essay)

In your essay, you have to discuss all ideas from the task. Your arguments should be supported with valid examples. Make sure that you have expressed your point of view.

Avoid the overuse of linking expressions. Yes, they are important, but you are not supposed to begin every sentence with a linking word.

Use a variety of sentence patterns and vocabulary. Try to write both long and short sentences. They show your grammatical range. That said, don’t write sentences that are too long. None of your sentences should have more than 20 words in them. If a sentence is too long, try to split it into two separate sentences.

Articles and prepositions are important words. Many students simply omit articles. While almost everybody uses prepositions few students can use them correctly. Learn common word combinations with prepositions.

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